Just steps away from Vlad Dracula's castle in the verdant embrace of the mountain town of Bran, a family's dream takes root. Here, amidst the whispers of ancient legends and the murmur of nature, BumbuToys was born - the cherished creation of Vitalie and Marina Bumbu in 2018. This is where the story begins, in a close-knit world where the melody of tradition blends with the rhythm of craftsmanship, etching life into wood.
A Legacy Carved in Wood
Vitalie, a skilled woodworker, breathes life into the silent lumber, a craft passed down through generations. His hands, honed by years of devotion, intricately shape each figure, each carving a testament to the enduring charm of artisanal workmanship. His touch sparks the wondrous journey from a humble block of wood to a character sprung from the deepest corners of a child's imagination.
A Rainbow of Possibilities
Marina, the artist and soul behind our enchanting toys, then steps into the dance. Her brush, guided by a heartfelt love for vibrant colors, adorns each figure with non-toxic hues, their varied shades as diverse and exciting as a child's dreams. Each stroke is a dialogue with the child who will one day cradle the toy in their hands, cherishing it as an intimate friend.
A Symphony of Teamwork
Together with an ever-growing team, they meticulously craft each toy by hand. This unity fuels the magic that makes our toys more than just playthings, but keepsakes of a childhood richly lived. Every creation reflects BumbuToys' commitment not just to imagination and quality, but also to the environment.
BumbuToys - A World Crafted with Love
From our quaint workshop in Romania, the heart-warming tale of BumbuToys has unfolded across the globe. A tale that begins with a family, a dream, and an unending love for children's laughter. We invite you and your children to join us on this journey. With BumbuToys, every playtime is a new chapter in an adventure that lasts a lifetime.