24.71 (VAT excluded)
Camel with Saddle SET
34.69 (VAT excluded)
Dinosaur T-Rex Baby
16.08 (VAT excluded)
Dinosaurs T-Rex SET
43.15 (VAT excluded)
Dinosaur T-Rex Big
28.09 (VAT excluded)
Wolves SET
41.46 (VAT excluded)
Wolf Cub
8.80 (VAT excluded)
Wolf Cub Sitting
9.13 (VAT excluded)
Wolf Angry
14.55 (VAT excluded)
Wolf Howling
16.41 (VAT excluded)
6.77 (VAT excluded)
17.76 (VAT excluded)
Shell and Mermaid SET
83.93 (VAT excluded)
Big Shell with Pearl
46.92 (VAT excluded)
5.76 (VAT excluded)
Yellow Starfish SET
17.43 (VAT excluded)
Red Starfish SET
17.43 (VAT excluded)
Seaweed Giant Kelp
15.91 (VAT excluded)
Seaweed Sugar Kelp
12.69 (VAT excluded)
Purple Seaweed
9.31 (VAT excluded)
Digitate Coral
8.46 (VAT excluded)
Red Coral
9.31 (VAT excluded)
Deep of the Ocean SET
124.04 (VAT excluded)
Dolphins SET
27.08 (VAT excluded)

Discover the Magic of BumbuToys: Handcrafted Animal Adventures for Every Child

Animal games are among the most appealing, and toys featuring creatures hold a prominent place among children's favorites. That's why, in the BumbuToys animal toy range, we've included fairy tale characters that the little ones adore.

Suitable for role-playing, for inventing stories, or for reenacting scenes from classic fables, with these BumbuToys animal toys, it will be impossible to get bored.

A variety of animal toys, from the fox and the raven to dinosaurs

We know how much children cherish their favorite characters, whether they're from a cartoon or a storybook. That's why we've included in the BumbuToys animal toy range a variety of products suitable for all tastes.

If your little one adores dinosaurs, you can choose a Tyrannosaurus, a Brontosaurus, or a Triceratops. Regardless of your choice, your child will be able to invent great games where the dinosaurs are the protagonists. Equally creative are the games with owls, hedgehogs, horses, storks, dogs, roosters, bison, wolves, rabbits, donkeys, or lambs.

With the "Raven and Cheese" figurines and the "Tall Pine Tree Raven and Fox" set, you can vividly illustrate the fable "The Raven and the Fox". The "Bear tricked by the Fox" BumbuToys set and Balan the Horse are equally captivating. The play possibilities with these animal toys are endless, and the children's creativity and inventiveness will surely be stimulated.

Quality is paramount at BumbuToys

Each animal toy is handcrafted in the BumbuToys workshop, with great love, adhering to high-quality standards. Thus, the toys are carved, polished, and hand-painted. They are also oiled with organic oils, and for painting, we use only natural, water-based paints.

The toys are crafted in the heart of Bran, in harmony with nature, from maple wood. Given the special attention with which they are made, the toys can be used safely, introducing the little ones to a fairy tale world, in the traditional Romanian spirit.

Due to the meticulousness with which they are crafted, all our toys stand out both for the quality of the materials and for the craftsmanship with which they are polished and painted in the most attractive and creative way, sparking the interest of children.

Because of the simplicity and beauty of these toys, they capture the attention of little ones and stimulate their creativity. Every day, children will discover new activities centered around these little animals.

Beyond being excellent play objects, BumbuToys toys can also be used as decorative items to beautify a child's room.

Handcrafted in Romania, our toys invite children to a calmer playtime that they will hardly tire of. Moreover, they will learn to appreciate tradition and the beauty of wood, just as our great-grandparents did.

Each piece of wood comes with a story that doesn't end once it's polished but continues through the games of children and their smiles. Let's write the most beautiful stories, with games, play, and many smiles.

At BumbuToys, we love the smiles on the faces of both children and parents alike.