Nestled at a lofty height of 1,000 meters above sea level, deep in the vibrant community of Bran, Brașov County, sits the heart of BumbuToys - our cherished workshop. Here, amidst the gentle hum of nature and the rich Romanian traditions we hold dear, magic happens daily. It's within these walls that we breathe life into each sketch, each meticulous polish, each gentle brush of color onto our wooden toys. From the moment an idea is born to the final loving touch, we are passionately committed to preserving the unique character of each toy, a precious keepsake dedicated to its future little owner.
01Designing Dreams
Each enchanting journey begins with a blank canvas and a pencil. From there, it is the skill, love, and imagination of our dedicated craftsmen that bring our future toys to life.
02Carving Smiles
From a simple block of wood, the craftsman's skillful hands, and a precise cut, an endearing smile starts to emerge. It's the genesis of joy, waiting to be fully revealed.
03Polishing Perfection
In the pursuit of perfection, we don't leave any grain unexamined. Each detail is carefully studied and retouched until it meets our high standards, ensuring the ideal balance between aesthetics and touchability.
04Colorful Characters
Our application of natural paints does more than just add color - it enhances the inherent charm of the wood, letting its natural warmth shine through, creating characters as vivid as the children's imaginations they inspire.
05Sealing Sentiments
Finally, our toys are bathed in high-quality organic oil, an antibacterial bath that locks in the applied color and protects the surface. It's our way of preserving the toy's integrity, ensuring it's ready for years of play and countless adventures.

Each step in our workshop is accompanied by the pride and love we hold for our craft, from initial sketches to the final, perfect toy. With every finished piece, we're reminded of why we do what we do - to bring joy, create memories, and inspire imaginations one beautiful toy at a time. Welcome to the heart of BumbuToys, where every day is a story waiting to unfold.